Often I hear a question: “how many dresses can you make per day?”

It makes me smile!

For those who have held a crochet stick in their hands the answer is clear, but for the majority is hard to understand that it can take days and days of patience.

But its not about the time. It’s about how much you love what you do.

It’s about what you get in return: sparkling eyes, smiley faces and “thank you” messages – this is what motivates and makes me happy.

I’m very happy person that in my life I can do what I love the most. But most important is that I can share it with the world and make women feel special.

I know that I play against the modern world rules, but I believe that the most beautiful things can be made just through the value of human touch. Every piece I design and make is skilfully hand crocheted in limited quantities by myself or my team.