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Roma skirt purple

  • 100,00 

Fits S and M sizes. It has matching lining added, so alows you to wear it on any kind of occasion. Wear it with t-shirt or jumper, trainers or high heels.

Available in purple and white.

The skirt is perfect for traveling – fabric doesn’t crease.

How to look after the skirt:

  • Wash it by hand in cold water.
  • Then roll it in a dry towel to absorb extra water.
  • Lay it flat and let it dry naturally.
  • It can be dry cleaned

Tips for your wardrobe:

  • Do not hang it on a hanger, because it will stretch.



  • Compositions: 100 % viscose

  • Model size: Size S

  • Color: Purple

  • Size: S/M

  • Care: Dry clean only

  • Size chart: